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Zendesk Dropbox for Joomla!

Now supports Joomla 1.5 - 3.1!

Zendesk is the web-based customer support system and community platform used by thousands of companies worldwide.

We use it at 3B and wanted to allow clients to submit tickets through our site, using the "Dropbox/Feedback Tab" as well as provide that functionality to them in the admin area of their own Joomla sites, to send support requests through to us. Zendesk Dropbox for Joomla! was born.

Setup your Dropbox/Feedback Tab in Zendesk directly (Settings > Channels > Feedback Tab), grab the box ID number from the generated snippet, throw it into this Joomla! plugin and off you go - the rest of the controls are right there in Joomla. Please note that there are some options that you can currently only set in the Zendesk Feedback Tab generator.


  • Change the text displayed in the Dropbox tab with ease
  • Change the position of the tab between left and right
  • Display the tab on the site's frontend, backend (admin) or both
  • Use the Joomla user's email as the submitter's email address if you wan
  • Prefill subject and description if you want, for consistently formatted tickets
  • Replace the tab with an image
  • Hide the tab an use a link to open

Please download using this link >>


2.2 (2014-01-06)

  • Feature: Add language options
  • Bug: Load correct image when the 'Right' position is selected