Alex Denne, Head of Traffic

Alex (Denne) joins us as our Head of Traffic - he's responsible for driving projects and tasks through to delivery in a role that makes him the first and most prominent point of contact for the vast majority of our clients as well as the main conduit of communication and delegation within the 3B office. 

At university Alex got tired of studying equations for an Econometrics degree and so he launched an online marketplace for student work as procrastination.

Since graduating 3 years ago he has run a business accelerator, started a little marketing consultancy and also taught himself a broad range of SEO, PPC and front-end web development skills.

Alex knows how a great idea can become working technology and how to avoid the pain points that frequently pop up along the way.

In his spare time he tastes whiskies, tours through European countries on his bicycle and plays ultimate frisbee.

Contact Alex on 0844 414 0906

Denne's musings: