Since we can implement the absolute most appropriate platform for your project and budget, without any ties to particular systems, platforms or affiliations, the list of what we can do could go on for a long time!

A couple of things we definitely don’t do or encourage is the use of Flash or the over-reliance on PDF downloads (thinking of you, restaurant owners!).

Everything we produce for our loyal customers is done for them; join their happy throng and you will own your code, your designs and layouts, we never hold anyone ransom over anything and always play fair and honest - we’ve been doing this too long to risk our reputation for anything.

We employ a really good team, and we mean really good - we’re all very experienced in our field and are not afraid to test new tools to ensure that you receive the best possible results and service along the way.

We use high-performance dedicated servers and use cloud-based systems for our internal processes to ensure our whole team and yours are always privy to the progress and plans.

From Open Source platforms to off-the-shelf or bespoke CMSs, we’re best known for our Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal work, but have worked with most web systems out there and if it’s important that something be built with a particular tool (perhaps to work alongside existing systems) we can usually accommodate that.

Our skills include:

In the last few years we’ve seen the emergence of a new term to define what, for us, marks a remarkable and epoch-making moment in the acceptance and understanding of the opportunities that present themselves in the Digital Space. That term is the rather wonderful “Digital Transformation” - and what it means to an individual Brand or Organisation is something that's completely owned by them!

As a Digital Agency the term has broad implications; we’re able to take a client's expressed desire to embrace and undertake a “Digital Transformation” and tailor a medium and long term strategy that encompasses every Digital “touchpoint” across both bespoke and 3rd party platforms to deliver Transformation throughout an organisation's operation.

For many years we’ve found ourselves immersed in, and integral to the success of, all of our clients business and marketing processes - most often adapting, custom-coding, or “shoe-horning” solutions to fit with their existing processes and tools. But when a client calls for Digital Transformation we’re able to really roll up our sleeves and design CMS, CRM and marketing workflows that deliver slick, manageable and hugely cost-effective business practices worthy of the 21st Century.

Shining examples of Digital Transformation include our experience with brands such as Motor Sport magazine, Royal Albert hall & RSM Global - a varied client roster whose Transformation needs varied accordingly:

  • Motor Sport’s requirements included a complete reappraisal of their online assets followed by what became known as the “Unification” strategy to bring them all onto one CMS and properly dovetail those properties with their existing subscription, sales and advertising tools.
    We’re delighted that we remain an integral and essential part of the management process to align their business processes with their online presence.

  • The Royal Albert Hall brought us in to essentially bridge their physical onsite collateral with their online brand; we produced a couple of elegant and manageable interfaces for the visitors to the RAH that continue to engage and delight.

  • RSM Global were already a client of ours when they undertook a major brand transformation that involved 3B from the very outset; as they looked to enforce brand integrity across the globe we built an online content strategy that included nearly 100 territories and member firms. We delivered this extraordinary undertaking within 6 months - not a day late or a penny over-budget - and now support and maintain each of these sites centrally here in London.

In addition to these main projects our relationships with our clients have over the years often included consultancy on business process, project management, CRM and sales pipelines, accountancy and credit control, and point of sale - in addition to design, Art Direction and custom code development; the sheer depth of matters upon which a competent Digital Agency can consult is frankly limitless.

Examples of our Digital Transformation skills include: