A new Squarespace site for our friends at Riverside Tanker Chartering

Riverside Tanker Chartering (RTC) have been clients of 3B for many years now - benefiting (up until August 2018) from a robust but ageing Joomla site we'd designed and deployed for them in 2011.

The need for a new site was clear; aside from the fact that their Joomla site pre-dated Responsive sites and mobile optimisation there remained the question of whether Joomla was in fact "overkill" for a site serving a purely "affirmatory" role.

The choice seemed simple to us; RTC's needs fell well within the native capabilities of a standard Squarespace site and they readily accepted our recommendation to move platform. Moreover Squarespace's hosting costs are considerably less than Joomla's and its need for regular security updates - in itself a hefty monthly cost - was negated altogether.

The result is a truly beautiful site - albeit one that loads quickly across all devices (notwithstanding the homepage banner video that loads independently direct from Youtube), features strong optimised images and succinct content with clear conversion paths.

What singles this particular project out as a deeply satisfactory Squarespace instance is that - for once - absolutely no code injection or css overrides were required; this site is absolutely standard in terms of code and template presets, and this reflected in the fact that it was delivered for less than half of the original estimated build cost.