Our Team

We have a team of developers, designers and digital marketing "foot soldiers" in our Battersea studios in South London. Most of our web development, design or technical consulting projects involves every constituent part of our agency.

The entire rabble featured here is available during normal office hours here in Battersea, and we’d love to have you over here to meet us before you decide to put work out to tender.

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 About 3B Digital 

3B is a digital marketing agency, established in 1998. We specialise in branding, web development, design, data security, digital marketing, conversion optimisation, technical consulting, hosting and live streaming. Over the years we've worked with charities, businesses and start ups. We currently serve more than 150 clients in over 90 countries.

Our main goal is to provide the best quality of service for our clients. The work we do is delivered on time and to budget, with digital marketing strategies tailored to each individual client depending on budget, preferences and needs.