David Matthews, Technical Operations (Lead)

David joined 3B in early 2016 in a DevOps role with an aim to streamline the company's development processes, increase the productivity of the developers, and handle backend server configuration and maintenance. His role has evolved over the years to include project planning and having increased oversight and management of the output of the development team.

Having graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2014 with a degree in Computer Science he worked as a Systems Administrator and as an Integration Developer at a small startup prior to joining 3B.

“Since starting at 3B my technical knowledge and skills have improved immeasurably due to the number of technologies required on a day-to-day basis, and also as a result of the freedom I have to try out new and interesting things as/when I feel it's appropriate. My confidence and ability to delegate tasks has also grown as my responsibilities have expanded and required me to manage others.

Unlike other jobs I’ve had in the past, I never dread the week ahead on a Sunday night, and almost always go home at the end of the day feeling pleased about what I’ve done in the past day and looking forward to what I’ll be doing the next day.”