Facebook Ads

Why use Facebook Ads


According to the latest Facebook user statistics, Facebook is used by 2.2 billion people every month.

To maximise the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign a combination of digital touch points would be the best option.

There are many benefits of using Facebook Ads as part of your marketing campaign. Here are the most common ones:

  • Facebook advertising fits any budget. Simply set up the amount you are willing to spend and choose the objectives of your campaign. To ensure your money is spent effectively and to maximise the performance of your marketing messages, Facebook's algorithms will try to show your advert only to the people most likely to be interested in your product.

  • While constructing an advert you can choose between segmentation characteristics such as demographics, geography, interests and user behaviour.

  • Facebook allows you to create ads with the use of the photo, video, product carousels, and photo slideshows. The aim of giving you these options is to allow you to design your Facebook ads in a way which inspires more attention, clicks and ultimately conversions.

  • Facebook advertising is compatible with any device that can use Facebook or Facebook Messenger, maximising conversion rates and helping to generate leads that matter. Messenger Ads are a powerful new way to get in front of new potential customers.

Despite all the benefits we list however, Facebook adverts could be expensive if you don't keep your budget tight; so it’s important to find a working ad, and then scale up, but not before. Following those simple steps will help you to get it right first time.

Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp Ads

An example of what can go wrong when choosing between different options offered by Facebook is Messenger ads. Although it's hard to find statistics on the conversion rate of Messenger or WhatsApp ads, Facebook is certainly pushing it hard. A study we found suggested that potential consumers tend to click those ads and close them instantly. Those adverts turned out to be more expensive and less effective than newsfeed ads on a per-click basis. 

Get in touch with us and we'll help you to design adverts to serve your business goals, using high-quality visuals. We can also manage and measure your ad performance, and make adjustments to make sure that your business is getting the most out of a Facebook Ads campaign.