Test and optimise your website with Optimizely 


Optimizely is software designed for customer experience optimisation.

Optimizely gives you access to complex A/B testing tools. You can implement and study multiple performance indicators on two different versions of your website.

Not just limited to a page, you can send users down entirely different conversion paths to find out what sells, and what doesn't.

Using Optimizely helps to identify the sections of your website that need optimisation, which solutions might achieve the desired effect, and which KPIs to track in line with your business objectives. 

Optimizely reports

Optimizely then makes it incredibly simple to compile reports for presentation to your stakeholders, in order to explain the incremental benefits of your optimisation efforts.

The cumulative effect of optimisation work is much like the idea of compound interest in investing. A few % every year on a large scale can quickly become a data-driven 50% e-commerce revenue gain.

Overall, Optimizely helps you to design your website precisely for your desired market segment.

Hiring a web optimisation agency

If you feel like you need to optimise your website to meet your business goals, contact 3B Digital. One of our professionals will build ‘the goal tree’ (a map of metrics critical to your business success), and update it constantly to fit your business model as we learn more.

We can devise an A/B testing strategy and provide concise analytical reports for your site's optimisation efforts, making sure that what we do benefits your business.

We can carry out the design, development and statistical analysis prominent in such data-driven developer-heavy work, all in house!