3B houses 2 senior designers with decades of joint experience in our London office.

We are well placed to offer you experienced design consultancy on your new digital transformation or web based project.

We offer a full suite of design services including

  • Full brand consultancy

  • Interactive prototyping

  • User experience mapping

  • Full responsive views for new web pages and templates

  • Web and mobile apps

  • Low hanging fruit tweaks and improvements

Our Design Services

Searching for 'design agency london'?

Finding a design agency in london can bring up a dizzying number of results.

Included in your results will be a selection of directories which charge for listing, and do not usually vet based on quality alone.

Rest assured that with us having been around the block a few hundred times our designers know how to work with an in house development and project management team.

This means we offer you designs which are not just beautiful, but incredibly realistic and functional, with considerations for converting visitors to your search engine optimisation landing pages into new customers and subscribers.

In short, our designers work so well with our development team that designs from 3B have already been run past the development team which can give you immediate insights into the path of least resistance with regards to your product build, without compromising on user experience or design consistency when on a tight deadline.

Design Case Studies

If you'd like to send us through a brief for some design work. Please contact us.

Very often we get to work with clients on their core branding and ID - they might be a startup enterprise in the very early days of their existence or a well established corporate brand with a need to simply refresh for the digital age.

Either way we can bring our broad and deep brand experience to bear when brainstorming and presenting our ideas.

Our offering includes logo IDs, brand books & guides and style sheets applicable to both print and digital platforms.

The following is a brief but representative snapshot of the sort of work that we do in this area.