Web & Software Development

We provide web development and web design services for the vast majority of our clients, as it remains the cornerstone of your online value offering.

We couple our Web Dev work with DevOps as a managed service, to ensure security and minimise downtime.

See any specific areas of our web development skill set you are interested in, then pick up the phone and tell us what you're working on if you think we might be interested!

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Our Services 

Web Development Projects

Websites are our passion and building them remains the bedrock of what 3B is, but in reality they serve as a platform from which to launch a comprehensive "Digital Marketing Strategy".

Whether that strategy involves individual elements of Content Marketing, the sharing of Social Objects, driving traffic towards defined financial goal conversions or all of the above, a well built and managed site that has been designed with optimisation and user journeys in mind is what our clients most need - and what we deliver every time!

Our business process and Project Management best practices have been developed and refined over 16 years of "front line" client liaison & management; we're really good at this and thrive on the mutual respect, trust and good humour that underpin all our professional relationships.

Examples of our web development work

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We have hot coffee, a warm conference room and a really big telly upon which we can showcase & demonstrate the great stuff available to you in this wonderful digital world.