Google Apps

Migrating to Google Apps

G-Suite has multiple business benefits. The business or team package gives you unlimited storage, access to a live help centre and support at any time. You also get advanced administration controls (i.e. user permissions).

It is easy to manage from any of your devices, whether a smartphone, tablet or a PC.

Replacing your enterprise cloud storage suite with G Suite can be easily done with the use of migration tools and services provided, and you'll get the whole host of other Google products bundled in for free.

We advise businesses to migrate from using Office 365 to G Suite for a number of reasons:

  • G Suite gives you unlimited storage, compared to the 1TB limit provided by Microsoft Office 365.  1TB might sound like a lot of space, yet businesses like ours work with large, high-resolution images and videos soon find that it's not enough.

  • Gmail is a much more functional email service allowing you easier search within emails. We use multiple inboxes and find Google's spam filtering to be far more accurate. Gmail apps are pretty powerful too and worth looking into!

  • The G Suite interface is generally more user-friendly, with a variety of apps available. No matter how many you install it does not ever feel cluttered.

To make sure that your important business data is moved securely, or if you require data to be migrated over from more than a single file or email server, contact 3B digital and we can handle the bulk of your switch.