We are yet to find a project we cannot handle, and over the last 20 years have found a number of niches and industries that can really use everything we offer and get the best out of us.

We really excel at - and enjoy - the following industry sectors:

Finance sector

We love everything to do with finance - if we weren’t addicted to everything online half of us would probably be causing chaos in the City (it’s probably a good thing we found the web first!). We enjoy nothing more than a trip into town to visit current and future clients, and are very often fascinated by the access and knowledge that being digital partners with a finance firm offers - oftentimes comparable to that of a lawyer or accountant.

Publishing sector

We are really good at huge websites - thousands of articles that need cleaning up, reorganising and search engine strategy applied.

We work well alongside digital magazine publishers, providing feeds of content from our websites into mobile apps and online magazines.

Our experience in these areas can bring real value to your project - read more >>

Events / MICE industry

The whole Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions (MICE) sector is a sheer delight to be a part of. Our longest-standing client (13+ years) runs multiple events every year, worldwide, and we provide websites for each one of them. We have learned best practice for microsites, event registration management, email marketing and social strategy targeted specifically to events. Many web platforms are marketed as being customised for events, but this usually means they are rigid and locked-down - we work with you to provide bespoke design, layout and functionality - we’re not going to restrict you to a certain number of menus, sponsor banners or a particular registration partner.

Customers of 3B who need multiple projects every year (usually microsites or smaller marketing initiatives) really benefit from the growth in our abilities and how close we are with the client, bringing experience from other projects and the latest online technical advances to your web presence.


Everyone’s got an idea, heck we have several ideas each week for new apps or web services. Everyone thinks their idea can be the next Instagram for plumbers, or the new AirBnB for pet shops, but ultimately it comes down to one simple thing - execution. We have no problem at all turning down the opportunity to work with a startup if we don’t believe in the business plan, and we prefer to work with founders who have previous proven experience - all too often we are told of an idea (after having to jump through a tedious flow of NDA documents) and although we’re asked to provide the web platform for it, what we’re really being asked for is to run the company for a small equity share of nothing. It’s a lovely idea, but if we had the capacity to work in that way we’d be building our own projects!

If your startup has a marketing budget, genuine potential demonstrated by a sound business plan, and you want to work with the best online marketing partners around, then give us a shout, it just might be the perfect fit!

Online communities

We have found ourselves becoming very proficient at launching and managing online communities, very often worldwide, multilingual and with paid membership plans. We help professional associations, worldwide federations and industry bodies to maintain their web presence, build their membership and better serve that audience online, adding value to their offering and increasing their cashflow. We can take a brand new idea or an existing database of members and produce a world-class website with all the expected functionality and much beyond that too. Take online payments, automate with direct debits, sell ebooks and whitepapers, collect data on your members, manage event registration, facilitate communication, tie it in with LinkedIn and Facebook and more.

We're delighted to report that there's no such thing as a typical 3B client - but we have very definite ideas about who might be ideal!