One of the vertical markets that we as an agency are most passionate about is publishing; most particularly the evasive and often obscure link between digital and printed magazine content.

Despite our 18 year immersion in all things digital we remain avaricious readers of magazines in their printed form and we see no reason whatsoever that the advent, and ease of consumption, of digital content need herald the demise of the printed page; the simple fact is that content generates income no matter its delivery format and both can feed the other in terms of successful sales and defined conversions.

Aside from our enthusiasm for the print industry our professional acumen in this vertical arises from the fact that it requires of us all the disciplines we’ve acquired over the years; database management, content marketing, “layered” Content Management (categorisation, tagging and author ordering), multi-site and multi-language administration - all the time exploring and implementing opportunities to “link” printed matter to related digital content in order to drive traffic & conversions.

Examples of our work in the Publishing Industry include:

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