The Gramophone Magazine "Conversion Layer"

Some projects, especially where measurable & quantifiable ROIs are key, need an extended “Discovery Phase” during which existing analytics and user journeys can be pored over and strategies extrapolated. This is especially true of any project involving “Conversion Optimisation”.

The challenge faced with Gramophone was to identify exactly where potential subscribers were dropping off during the existing conversion path – a simple process of exporting and combining analytics data and identifying clicks (or lack of them) and comparing against changes we could make to the client’s site.

When you can combine intelligent assumptions and creative guesswork with hard data wonderful things can happen, and the first thing we thought of turned out to be key in turning around the conversion figures.

We knew there were site visitors who were keen to subscribe but it was clear that their enthusiasm was being tested by the enormous amount of text explaining the various subscriber options, and the number of clicks required along the conversion path.

Step 1 of an ongoing process was to design and deploy a block on every single page on their site that we came to know as our “conversion layer”; a simple and elegant table of options that, coupled with hover-state information and clear text, has simplified the process by which subscribers are informed.

Subscriber numbers have shot up as a result and we can start to think about a broader SEO strategy that will feed this now-efficient sales funnel.

Take a look at the work here.