We are a technology-led digital agency that specialises in deploying Open Source web solutions, delivered in an agile project management environment. We adopt 'Scrum' methodology as a means of ensuring total project transparency between all departments. This allows for faster and more collaborative design and development internally and with the client.

We are heavily immersed in cloud-based management tools – this ensures complete transparency with the client with respect to hours spent, feature prioritisation & communication.

We work with the client initially in a consultative or business development capacity, to best understand their business model, company goals and processes. This allows us to establish key aims for the project with the client, against which the success of the project can be measured. The web is a changing environment and our ideal customer relationship will most-often begin with a project, but continues long-term and evolves as their needs and business grow. We have a number of very happy clients we have served for many years.

The process is broken into several stages:

Research & analysis
in-depth meeting with client
establish business objectives
segment audience into user groups
obtain assets

specify deliverables, stakeholders, timeline, expectations
project scope document for signoff by client
establish metrics by which to measure success of project against business objectives
quality assurance
produce information architecture

iterative process of wireframing, HTML prototypes
establish design rules, brand guidelines, typography
assess user interface and user experience aims
obtain feedback from client

agile process encourages change and flow
constant client feedback through iterations with regular deliverables
documentation of code
testing: unit testing, user experience testing, acceptance testing

access to 3B's online knowledgebase
custom guides for each client - text, images, screencast videos as appropriate
face-to-face training

best practice
50+ "pre flight checks" prior to launch (security, SEO, speed optimisation etc)
SEO submissions to search engines (automated sitemaps etc)

assist client with press releases
case study for open source community
universal praise!

Maintenance & support
ongoing access to knowledgebase and support portal - online, email, phone support
security updates to web software

Please note that we do not and will not outsource any of the effort involved in any design or development project. When you use our support portal, or call the office here in London, you will be dealing with the designers, developers and project managers directly involved with your project.