What is prototyping?

Prototyping involves crudely building out an idea until you can imagine using it. Prototypes are often drawn on paper, or digitally using design software such as sketch or invision. They are created in order to test a concept or process, with the intention of learning from it and improving the end result.

The way in which you prototype will depend on your industry.

Steve Jobs famously prototyped the iPad by drawing on plank of wood, which he would take home with him, and pretend to use for various tasks. Some credit this practice with the creation of the touch-screen gestures we all take for granted today.

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Prototyping for designers

Prototyping is an integral part of user experience and design thinking, yet many designers skip this step and instead rely on gut instinct. We don’t.

We can demonstrate how to prototype your digital products in an agile capacity, so you can click between wireframes which haven’t been coded, and test your assumptions.

There are many tools which can help with prototyping digital products, from standalone apps (mostly on Mac) to web creation tools (such as Balsamiq).

When your digital product or website has been brought to life with our prototype, you’ll be able to test the practicality of your current design. Once tested, we guarantee you’ll have some ideas and changes to consider, and it’s best these are brought up before you’re paying for development work.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll being prototyping your next app, website or product today.

Prototyping for software development

Prototyping is an integral part of system design for software and website development. By creating an approximate version of the imagined end product early on, important discussion points can be identified with the product owner, and a clear roadmap created.

Discussing these points as early as possible in a project can save on total effort expenditure through the reduction of change requests, and a more finely tuned product.

Prototyping also allows us to provide more accurate estimates of overall development costs, alongside the skills, timescale and resource requirements your project might have.

We combine our prototyping with software development work on an agile basis. Call us today to discuss your design requirements and we’ll hop to it.