Air Partner's Jetcard US Microsite using Squarespace

When Air Partner came to us they told us briefly what they wanted:

  1. A site which would look completely unique.
  2. A site which would leave a lasting impression on their younger current and potential customers.
  3. A site which wouldn't also alienate their loyal customers.

We knew that they'd want an easy admin interface and Squarespace provides that in buckets so we dived straight in. The template Squarespace provided us with was completely ripped apart, reshaped and moulded into the unique site you can see today at

We kept all the features which created an immersive experience like the full width videos and images, then imprinted the unique AirPartner brand upon it.

Consider for a moment the kind of clientele suited to a private jet subscription service with the following perks:

  • Guaranteed availability in as few as 24 hours' notice with no blackout dates
  • Flight credit that never expires and fully-refundable account balances
  • 24/7 global coverage year-round

Theirs are not the kind of customers who are willing to accept bugs or slow loading pages because their time is too valuable. For this reason we realised that Squarespace would provide the ideal backdrop for a responsive and unique theme, without compromising on the feel of the site.

Despite the designs being chopped and changed throughout the creative process we have found the perfect balance between one-of-a-kind and functional.

We look forward to working with and advising on AirPartner's greater family of sites in the years to come.