Jack Bremer, Technical Director

After establishing a thriving eBay empire while at university in Manchester studying BSc Hons Management and Information Technology, Jack developed a remarkable acumen in all things Internet-related. He finished university at UMIST in 2003, and arrived in London with a fervent ambition make the most of this fine town. 

London felt Jack's arrival as he tore through the theatre district, working backstage on several West End shows, and stage managing shows at Glastonbury Festival. In early 2004, Jack began an 18 month position with an IT and Communications company in Surrey, which furthered his technical knowledge of IT hardware and software packages. His expertise in all things hi-tech are often put to the test - 3B clients now call him for advice on anything that plugs in to a wall! 

Jack joined Alex's flourishing operation full-time in 2005, after contributing over the years to many 3B projects as a part-time freelance IT & Communications Consultant. Since then, Jack has expanded the 3B portfolio of offerings, and is in charge of many of the online marketing and technical aspects of the running of the company and configuration of various online services for clients. He is obsessed with cost efficiency, time management and office optimisation. To this end, Jack ensures that wherever possible, 3B clients are supplied with "open source" solutions, which do not impose costly licence fees and the like. 

Many of the contacts Jack made in the entertainment and IT industries have been welcomed to the happy family of 3B clients. Jack enjoys beer and snowboarding (ideally at the same time), and is learning to throw the frisbee, after spending 34 years perfecting his ball throwing skills. 

Jack takes us round the office on a typical day at Castle 3B...