The Watercolour World - a stunningly immersive experience

A genuinely fascinating and engaging project, this; a presentation of a database of painted works so immersive and layered as to hold our professional and personal attention pretty much solidly for the last 6 months of 2018.

The Watercolour World is a UK Charity set up specifically to digitally document as many global pre-photography documentary watercolours as they can realistically lay their hands on - an ongoing (and hopefully never ending) project to preserve these academically invaluable assets for future generations.

Watercolour World were already one website into their lifecycle when they came to us; it had become apparent that theirs was a proposition with considerable “heft” - that delivery of their content, and the many and varied means by which that content should be navigated, required calling in the big boys (us) to deliver their rapidly expanding database of high-resolution artworks through an intuitive and engaging website.

This was a rapidly developing proposition in terms of scope and technology; the commissioned Minimum Viable Product very quickly became something quite polished and slick - not least because of the technology we chose to employ to deliver key assets and facilitate search.

By the time of launch The Watercolour World took delivery of a fully functioning online database of many tens of thousands of stunning paintings - all indexed and searchable by numerous means; tags, fields and of course the marvellous map.

Take a look at the site here - but beware; you might be in there for a long time!