Internet Marketing Strategies

Deciding on the right internet marketing strategy for your company can be challenging given all the information out there on the subject. Google returns 3.1m results for such a search.

Given this paradox of choice, how do you go about determining the right strategy for you? We have been answering this very question since we started building websites in 1998, as a result - we hope the below helps you.


The internet is just a platform -> marketing is for people

The individual is the person who sees your brand, reads your content, forms a relationship with and ultimately buys from you. Listen to anything by UK Advertising Legend Dave Trott and enjoy a refreshing take on how marketing must not lose sight of the individual, and your product.

Forget the widgets and the platforms for a moment, they are simply a means to an end. The 'end' in this case being a potential customer learning about you and your product.

Questions to answer when formulating an internet marketing strategy

Write down answers to the following questions:

  1. When someone first interacts with your company, what will they see?

  2. Will this explain your product, your service, and your uniqueness?

  3. Have you tested to see if this explanation can be improved upon?
    Try using a tool like to get rapid answers to this!

  4. Do you understand your potential customer?
    If not - do some market research! The long interview process outlined in chapter 2 of the New Business Road Test can help here. The chapter is entitled "How to learn what you don’t know you don’t know"

  5. Do you understand your current customers?
    Do you know where they spend their time? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? Linkedin? Pinterest? Their email inbox? Whatsapp? And so on... If you can't answer this question, you need to do some research. Phone your most valuable customers and ask them how they spend their time.

Putting together an agile internet marketing strategy

An agile marketing strategy lasts for 3 to 6 months, and is revisited and tweaked as new information is gathered on the performance of each element.

We typically include the following elements in an 3-month internet marketing strategy:

  • Review of website content and value proposition

  • Page speed optimisation on your website

  • General site audit (following best practice guidelines)

  • Review of conversion optimisation opportunities

  • SEO Audit and scope for improvements (i.e. what content is performing well, and what are the next best steps?)

  • Social strategy for web backlinks, audience building and direct engagement

  • Paid advertising once conversion optimisation has been carried out

Send us a brief and we can help you to interweave the above elements into a coherent marketing strategy.