Social Media Strategy

There really isn't a single element of Social Media that 3B isn't expert in; whether you need a specific strategy document or a full service plan actioned by our in-house experts we will de-mystify & humanise this extraordinary new means of communication with your key audience and customer base.

We have years of experience in Social Media having been early adopters, influencers and brand ambassadors since the early days of Twitter, Facebook and the myriad of platforms and apps that make up this brave new world!

We action agreed strategies here in the office, ensuring that appropriate campaign tracking & conversion paths are followed as closely as possible. Often we’ll begin a strategy by drilling down the analytics as deeply as necessary to reveal as complete user journeys as possible, and identifying where conversion rates and engagement can be improved and optimised.

Stated goals, especially in Social media, can be vague and difficult to define - but they’re not impossible. Engagement can increasingly be defined by the ever-more sophisticated metrics available within the established Social platforms and we look to combine these metrics with site analytics to see where strategies and campaigns are performing best.

As an agency we don’t simply run away with a strategy without expecting to report back on engagement results and goal conversions. This kind of service comes at a premium, but not an unaffordable one, I’d suggest; we track every minute worked on any given project & client. Our time is recorded in our client portal and can be reported and presented in short order.

Our services (in relation to Social Media) include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategy consultation & documentation
  • Asset creation (article content, video, photography, podcasts etc.)
  • Platform management (Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Engagement & Conversion analysis & reporting
  • Attribution modelling & content marketing
  • App creation (web apps, Facebook Apps, etc.)
  • Responsive web and landing page design & creation
  • Banner creation, management & reporting
  • Newsletter creation & propagation

Call us now on 0844 414 0906 to book a time to pop by and start on, or step up, your brand's Social Media journey - it's so worth the effort!