How can a digital agency better serve a “start-up”?

“Do I need a website at all?”

It seems as though it was a hundred years ago that companies, new or established, were asking that question when considering their digital options. These days businesses no longer need to be persuaded since they know that their “digital presence” is as essential as their need for computing power. That said, the conversation continues as to how best to use the available platforms. Social Marketing, Newsletters, Video, News feeds, and perhaps most importantly, Search all form part of a wider, more comprehensive approach to Online Marketing.

Every company, of any size and in every Industry sector, needs a web presence - it’s as simple as that. The important question is: how can a firm’s website best serve that business? Does that site rank highly on the search engines when a potential visitor enters a relevant search query (and are these searches translating into actual site visits)? And once visited, is information presented in a way that is easily understood?