Digital Marketing – An Integrated Strategy

In this Brave New World of instant messaging, what messages have greater impact than those that spotlight and showcase a beloved and successful brand offering or proposition?

We would suggest that as things stand barely any companies still need to be convinced of the power of a Digital Marketing Strategy, and its inherent and instant Return on Investment.

However, what has yet to be firmly understood throughout the commercial sector (even by the very biggest and most experienced New Media agencies) is that any activity within the Digital Space needs to be part of a considered, coherent and integrated marketing strategy. Far too often an appointed PR or Advertising Agency will propagate brand assets and stories within their own sphere of experience and expertise (usually print), and make only half hearted forays into Digital. Similarly there are many Digital agencies that do not fully grasp the importance of brand, and so badly let down a client when exposing them in that space.

Our agency is unique in this key respect; we have a deep and expansive understanding of brand and business, coupled with extensive practical experience in marketing brands online.

From that experience we know the real value of propagating quality and relevant content across the ever shifting sands of the digital landscape. Indeed, we derive great delight in monitoring and exploiting the changing platforms – particularly in Social Media - that we encounter anew every single working day.

Our clients are presented with bespoke and considered Digital marketing Strategies that we consider to be most appropriate to their individual offering. More often than not we would look to expose video, news, articles and the like across the preferred Social Networks and Forums, usually placing this content on a clients own website in the first instance, and then start to monitor, initiate and engage in the resulting conversations both on that site as well as the various social platforms elsewhere.

It is tremendously valuable to have just one agency produce the sort of content that most readily propagates; to create “Social Objects” that are easily shared and dovetail seamlessly with the stated aims and objectives of the agreed strategy, and to do so armed with a real understanding of the unique platforms available on the Internet.

Only then can a brand witness and reap the full benefits that exposure on the Internet has to offer. Tracking short and medium term campaigns against ongoing strategies and engagement is the only way to fully understand a core client base, mould and influence how it feels about your brand, and allow self-appointed “Brand Ambassadors” to sing your praise to your tune!

We assert that there has never been a better time than right now to grasp the opportunities available in the Digital Arena, and that to do so with an agency that fully grasps the implications and methodology behind a comprehensive and joined-up marketing strategy would afford that brand a competitive advantage that has still not yet been fully exploited.