Brighton College "Remembering the Fallen"

We are huge fans of SquareSpace – the increasingly ubiquitous cloud-based CMS that suits so many of the more simple web projects that we take on. The decision to deploy on this platform can be based on a number of factors, budget being just one; most often we propose SquareSpace to a client as a result of tight deadlines and / or the need for only a short-lived website. Another great advantage is the almost non-existent need for mandatory support ongoing – another requirement occasionally put before us. 

Brighton College have been a client of ours for many years now and we were very happy to pitch SquareSpace to them as the platform upon which to deliver their newly launched online tribute to their fallen alumni in The Great War & Second World War.

Beyond these simple factors the requirements were reasonably typical in as much as an elegant site with a simple and intuitive CMS were essential, augmented with galleries, rich media, forms and links – all good stuff! SquareSpace offered a beautiful responsive template with built-in parallax scrolling that seemed perfect.

The main challenge was taking the spreadhseet of 147 alumni names and details and importing it into SquareSpace; the CMS allows for importing from WordPress only and so we had to import the spreadsheet as a blog into WordPress prior to a subsequent export and re-import into SquareSpace… all of which sounds a little more complicated than it was!

We’re delighted with the resulting website… and more importantly so is the client!

Visit the site here >>