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Look at these guys in the picture below:


That guy on the far left is Greg. He's your designer and branding extraordinaire.

Next chap in is Jordan - he's literally a software wizard. He's also a kiwi so he sounds funny when he talks to you. He doesn't like our frequent Flight of the Conchords impressions though which is a shame.

Slap bang in the middle is your Senior Developer Tom. He's the sort of guy that asks you what the business reason for a feature is so he'll really make you think about stuff. Once you're over that hurdle though he'll sort you out with new features in a flash. It's magic.

You're then looking at the directors Jack & Alex, who have been building websites since 1998. They're the brash brothers who run the place with their hair brained schemes.

Also in your online marketing agency

Not in the above picture are your project manager, Denne, your Devops engineer David and your junior developer Matt.

Between the 8 of them they will take your briefs and roughly formed ideas and turn them into magnificent polished marketing power. We make websites that showcase our client's passion for their craft. From Motor Racing to Music and Sculpture - we've seen it all.

What to expect from 3B Digital when considered

We don't copy-paste our proposals. Each is hand written after painstaking research into you, your customers and your value proposition.

So what do you have to lose? Asking for a proposal from an online marketing agency proposal is free - so go for it.

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