Your SEO Agency

3B are a tight team of London based tech geeks and web nerds. We design and build web apps from scratch, while offering an ongoing SEO support package alongside our technical support package. 

Already have an SEO Agency?

Several of our clients have a specialist SEO agency already on the books.

In such circumstances we are often employed to implement the Technical SEO recommendations which some SEO agencies don't have the ability to implement.


We would advise any firm interested in procuring SEO services to find a firm which has both the soft SEO (content, meta tags) and technical SEO chops in their skill set.

Without both, they may be unable to optimise some of the core elements of your site's optimal SEO strategy.  

Most SEO agencies will begin by doing a full site audit, then creating and implementing industry specific meta tags with popular relevant keywords.

We understand that and can get behind that sort of work, so long as the meta tags still fundamentally represent the content the user will see.

If the content isn't good enough to retain the user after they've clicked through from a search results page, then meta-tag optimisation work is as good as pouring water into a leaky bucket.

For some watertight SEO advice, please send us through your brief today.