Overall Business Strategy

We’re a nosey lot here at “Castle 3B”..!

Seriously… we really love to “get under the skin” of every client that comes our way.

We are aware that we are hugely privileged to receive such unfettered access to almost all of our clients’ most valued digital assets and with this responsibility comes an inevitable obligation to contribute to, and positively influence, each clients’ long term business plans and strategy.

Essentially we have become de facto Business Consultants over the years. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • We’ve seen it all! The businesses that have come through our doors seeking our services range in size from one-man operations to major corporation and in development stage from start-up to ancient.
    There’s not a pitfall or triumph we’ve not witnessed at close range and whether an issue has a digital element or not we know what works and what doesn’t!

  • Our experience of how to best exploit cloud based opportunities extends far beyond web development; our experience of CRM packages, accountancy software, document collaboration and the like mean that we’re able to expertly consult on back-office processes.