Working with Drupal 

Drupal is an open source content management system written in PHP, like Joomla and WordPress. Unlike it's little CMS brethren however, It is used around the world for powerful web applications and for secure political, corporate and personal websites.

A couple of popular websites built using Drupal are BBC Good Food, and MTV UK.

Drupal simplifies development and eliminates the need for writing routine code making it a cheaper option than a pure custom built site.

Like Joomla, Drupal is working hard to create a CMS aimed at simple internationalisation and translation of your website. It also includes a wide variety of modules making it possible to implement almost any user interface or web feature you can think of.

We love the flexibility of this CMS when it comes to SEO, in fact, Drupal has an incredible suite of SEO tools, which we're expert in installing and adapting to your specific use case.

The most recent update is (Drupal 8) available in over 100 languages, and including various Drupal 7 modules as 'Drupal 8 Core'.

That being said, some Drupal 7 modules are maintained better than their Drupal 8 counterparts, so some new sites are still more appropriately built on Drupal 7, but this truly depends on the feature set required by your users. An example of this would be the Algolia search integration (we love Algolia), but the Drupal 8 integration is still not truly secure or well maintained. If your site requires Algolia, it may be that the older and more robust Drupal 7 is still the best choice for you.

Here at 3B digital, we are experts in hosting, development, design, theming and more. Should you need assistance in planning and/or building a Drupal build for your business, do let us know.

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