Local SEO services

Your Google My Business page 

Want to show up for location specific searches in your industry? Read on and you'll know what the quick wins for Local SEO are. Following them will boost the chance your business gets in front of people searching for businesses like yours in your area.


#1 Regular Reviews on your Google My Business page

If you want to rank high on your Google My Business page, you'll need a consistent flow of reviews coming in. If you can make this happen weekly, great! If weekly is a push, then aim to get 1 new review Monthly at the very least.

If your reviewers mention the keywords you want to show in searches for, and the city you are in, then that's even better for your Local SEO.

If you don't have the time to chase your customers manually each time, talk to us about automating this process.

If you want to rank in local packs (the snippets on a search page), you absolutely need to invest in a review program. 

Sushi restaurants london screenshot for Local SEO services example of a 'local pack'


#2 Photos on your Google My Business page

Our data suggests that regular keyword-rich reviews on your Google My Business page will get you ranking higher than simply adding new photos to it would. This is true even if you are adding high quality photos on a regular basis to your Google My Business page!

Photos do make a difference though, so don't think this let's you off the hook from taking photos relevant to your industry and posting them on your page!

Just take a look at the below: 


Will you click on the paid ad or the shops with both photos and reviews? The Sushi Cafe and Tsunami look the most appetising to me. I was also tempted to click Japanese buffet restaurants just to see more photos of sushi.

Get your customers and staff posting regular high quality photos as often as possible.

#3 Traditional seo on your website

Traditional SEO factors still play a big part in Local SEO. If your website ranks well for search terms, then your Google My Business page will likely rank highly for the location-orientated versions of those pages. In other words:

if a sushi restaurant in London has a website which ranks well for the key word 'sushi restaurant', then the Google My Business page will likely rank well for 'sushi restaurant London' too.

It sounds obvious, and that's because it is. A lot of SEO is just common sense applied online, despite what people might have you believe.

Our data is that other than reviews and photos, the next best thing to invest in to get higher in Local search results is to ensure that your website is ranking well organically.

Talk to us about formulating a regular SEO strategy today.

#4 ensure you've covered the Basics on your google my business page

Claim your Google My business page.

Add a local phone number, add your business address (the one that’s on your website and local directories)

Add opening times

Get real reviews (don't fake them!)

Local reviews take time to acquire. Get reviews on Google first, then others like Yelp (used on Apple maps) and trust pilot.

Create a page on your website that gives instructions to customers on exactly how they can review your business.

If you need help with any of the above, feel free to contact us for a bit of help.