How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

It's a question as old as the internet. When the web was first created to share academic documents, the only way you could get someone to visit your document was to give them the address, and an incentive to visit it.

Since then, the basic premise remains the same even if the methodologies are multifarious.

Give people a link to your website

People can't click a link unless they can see it and access it. This means you have to get it in front of people.


The below are the places I'm at when I click links (in order of frequency):

  • Google search results

  • Bookmarks and/or suggestions in Chrome's URL bar.

  • My Google feed

  • Online websites I trust (like BBC News, HUKD, MoneySavingExpert and Reddit)

  • Whatsapp

  • Emails

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

Though there may be many niche or one-off examples, or events which mean I visit websites I don't regularly visit, the above summarises most of the places I am when I click any links during the day.

By following a create once, publish everywhere approach, you can maximise the number of eyeballs on your links. 

Create original content in a central location, then:

  1. Publish it on your website

  2. Share the link to your website on all the platforms your audience use.

Give people a reason to click the link you gave them

I click a link because I want to go to the destination offered to me. This is because the content at the address I'm visiting has value to me at that time.

This could be because I trust the person and am interested in their opinion, or because I am interested in the content itself.

Over time you will be able to rely less on friends in your immediate network, as the value of your content will attract an audience who trust you, and subscribe to your work.

By learning about the audience which resonates with your content, you can understand how/where they heard about you, and you can improve your publishing processes to attract a greater audience at a faster rate.

If you'd like advice on any of the methods I use at 3B to automate the publishing of client content, to build their traffic and online audience, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Even if it's just for a quick chin wag about automation, we live and breathe that stuff here!