Marketing Strategy

Two words synonymous with the idea of a powerpoint presentation and several bored suited colleagues. That's not how we think of it at 3B.

If you don't have a 5 year marketing plan, nor do you employ a full time marketeer, then creating a bloated marketing strategy document is not what we'd consider time well spent.



That document will likely gather cobwebs, until you suddenly feel a pang of guilt and rush to update it.

Let's suggest something different for you:

An agile marketing strategy

Whereas the powerpoint has its place in a 2-10 year plan, the marketing plan for today, tomorrow and next week should be one that is agile.

Flexible by its nature, an agile marketing strategy allows your business to react to the needs of your customers, in real time.

Agile marketing strategy fluidly combines customer feedback loops, create once + publish everywhere methods, and data-powered insights.

As you learn more by gathering more feedback and more data, you establish axioms by which you can form a long term marketing strategy.

Rather than gathering cobwebs, a marketing strategy informed by agile practices is the basis for long-term business growth.

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