International SEO

If you offer content in more than one language then you have a multilingual website. 
An example of this would be the DVLA in California offering instructions in both English and Spanish.

If you offer content which specifically targets users in different countries then you have a multi-regional website.
An example would be a North American Airline offering flights to Americans (English & Spanish) and Canadians (English and French).


International SEO is important to understand if you manage a website for a company offering services which wants to be found by a multinational or multilingual audience.

Multiple versions of your website take longer to test and require a more complex infrastructure.

Your website should do the following to score well on International SEO:

  1. Signal the language of a page within the URL (.fr or /fr/ for example).

  2. Do not target a website with a country specific top level domain ( for example) at an audience outside of that country.

  3. If using a generic top level domain (.com or .org for example), despite wanting to target a specific country, set a country target in Search Console.

  4. Use hreflang tags to show Google where content was translated from, and who each translation is aimed at. 

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