Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

3B Digital is a “technology-led” design house that is led by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) considerations. This means that everything we do - from the Wireframing & Information Architecture process through to site launch - is governed by our on-site SEO best practice.

SEO can broadly be broken down into two areas, on site and off site work. Onsite SEO work covers all development processes that directly affect the content/structure of the website and its web pages (such as navigation, page titles, headings, etc). This onsite work is essential as it provides the foundations that all further SEO work is built upon - it is vital to get the on-site basics right.

Offsite SEO work covers all development processes that produce external links and content that refer back to, or reference any part of the website or its domain name (such as directories, social media, blogs, press releases, review sites, etc). This offsite work builds on the foundations laid by the previous onsite work, and can provide the greatest increase in ranking performance (usually upwards of 60% of the total SEO work), and thus ROI.

Before launch of any project, we run through a 45+ item process of best practice. This includes the provision of sitemaps.

These you will have seen on sites, to allow easy navigation to articles, but we go several steps further, offering a code-based XML sitemap direct to Google, which lists every article within your site. In very short order you should find that Google has indexed your pages and starts ranking them well.

We also prepare a Google News sitemap, with the hope that Google decide to include your content in their News search results.

VIDEO: Hugh Williams  presents 3B's SEO Best Practice at the 2011 JandBeyond Joomla Conference.

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